Swayambhunath Stupa

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The swayambhunath stupa situated on the top of hill Kathmandu valley. West of basantapur.is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrim site of Nepal. The swayambhunath stupa. Holy and instantly recognizable symbols of Nepal. The temple is best places for monkey as known as the ‘monkey temple’ because of the large tribe of roving monkeys who guard the temple. It is one of the world’s most glorious Chaityas about 2.5km from the touristic city center thamel .around the hemispherical Stupa are many temples and pagodas and large band of red-faced monkeys, believed to be the descendents of ‘Hanuman’, the Monkey God and Swayambhunath temple (Stupa) is a golden spire crowning a conical wooded hill. Which is the most ancient and enigmatic of all the holy shrines in around the Kathmandu Valley. It has a lofty white dome and a glittering golden spire that are visible from all sides of the valley. Historical records found on a stone inscription give evidence that the stupa was already an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination by the 5th century A.D. i.e. before the coming of Buddhism in the valley.

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drive to swayambhunath stupa and explore Hindu temple and Buddhist monastery
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