16 Days Trek To E B C

The guy in the photograph is Dil, a dedicated, cute, enthusiastic and quite special and handsome style tour guide (I’m interested in his appearance as I work in the fashion industry!). Our group trek to the Himalayas – Everest Base Camp in 16 days, we considered Dil is not only as one of the best tour guide, but also a friendly, sociable and caring person. Since I’m not good at English so I barely talk with Dil, although I have so many things I want to ask him too. Every time I started to talk with him, Dil was always so funny. He always cared and asked me “Is everything okay, just let me know if there is any problem, alright!” When my partners’ had health problems, Dil showed his bravery as a professional tour guide, not only the advice for the health, take oral medication for them but also to reassure their spirit for the trip. I remembered the best night in Phakding (second day trek), Dil said that we are a team, no matter what we must always support each other, waiting for each other. The important thing here was this is your first trip, you should enjoy it, do not put too much dramatic on whatever. Dil advice always mixed with sense of humor. Dil made us assured about the safety of ourselves and our decision.
On his return to Kathmandu from Lukla, we were very sorry to not be accompanied by Dil 2 days left, and also we haven’t met him before flying from Nepal. He was trapped in Lukla, the helicopter was not carrying the 7th person so he stayed. We could only say goodbye to Dil over the phone, I did not say anything much apart from to wish him luck, and be careful and I will miss him a lot.
Dil Thanks for accompanying us as a friendly person rather than an excellent tour guide. If I have the opportunity to return to the Himalaya or Nepal, I will definitely contact Dil, why not him, the best choice for one of the most professional, most friendly and most attentive tour guide.
If you want to trek in Nepal, you can contact with Nepal Unique Treks and tour guide Dil Gurung
Thanks my lovely friend Nga Ho help me translated by English.

 Chu Chu Phụng, Vietnam

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