Mustang Region Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is  under restricted areas for various reasons. Some restricted areas are located in the China border and sensitive. In some restricted areas there are lots of dangers and no security to the trekkers. Some restricted areas are important for ecological and ancient culture so to preserve these areas Nepal government listed them in restricted area. Restricted areas trekking is different from the trekking of other regions because these areas are located in very remote part without the contact of outer modern world. So during restricted areas trekking trekkers will get the opportunity to explore hidden nature and culture of Nepal. Those people who are living in the restricted areas have their unique culture and life style totally different from the modern life style so the trekkers can see and experience their life style.

In restricted areas trekking package we included some of the important restricted areas of Nepal such as Nar Phu valley, Rara Lake, Upper Mustang, Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo and Manaslu Larkya pass. All these areas are naturally and culturally important where trekkers can collect important information and life mesmerizing experience. As a government registered trekking agency we will take trek permission and all the arrangements for restricted areas trekking.

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