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Dil Gurung

Founder, Managing Director

Dil Gurung. also an experienced and adventure trekking guide as well trekkers himself around the Himalaya of Nepal. Dil has led successful treks and climbs in the mighty Himalaya s over the past 15 years. When he worked in tourism industry before setting up the company he did trekking guide, tour guide, mountaineering more touristic activities along the major trekking routes across Nepal. As a travel and tourism entrepreneur, Dil knows almost all parts of Nepal. He is one of the better and well experienced trekking and tour organizers because he did outdoors operator with responsibility of the trekking team around the Himalaya of Nepal. Dil knows what tourists opting to the trek in Nepal prefer. And him shelf has been involved in designing every one of trekking and tour itinerary .as he has traveled across almost every trekking trails of Nepal. He knows which routs provide the best experience to the trekkers.

Kumod Adhikari

Tour Guide

Kumod is one of the best city guide with his long time work experience and vast knowledge. With over 25 years working in the field of travel and tourism, Mr. Kumode is a highly qualified English-speaking trekking and cultural tour guide in Nepal. His many years in this field have made him quite the expert on the aspects of traveling and cultural destinations throughout the country. With his qualified persona, he brings deep information and insight about sites and cultural settings while on the tour. His trekking knowledge also is very vast and comes into play while trekking on the trails in remote and isolated places in Nepal. He brings fun and cheerfulness to all of his clients