Well Come to Nepal

Namaste, welcome to Nepal Unique Treks, Himalayan nation from the trustworthy trekking organizing company of Nepal the Nepal Unique Treks Seeking for the trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal, wilderness adventure in Nepal, cultural and heritage walking in Nepal then Nepal Unique Treks is the best and reliable travelling companion to choose for the impeccable hospitality and quality service during your stay in Nepal and enjoy your holiday like never before.

Nepal is the land of mountains and hills nestled by the multi-ethnic cultural and traditional people harmoniously showcasing the delights of the Mother Nature and the architectural ancient landmarks. Nepal Unique Treks with the team of over 1.5 decades of experience in the field of Nepal Tourism always ensure the competitive price as well as impeccable hospitality. Let’s travel together in this Himalayan nation and help us rise again in our quest for the sustainable tourism.


Nepal Unique Treks provide you some safety alerts for your enlightenment before you book your trip with any travel or trekking agency of Nepal.

Many tourists faced various problems during their travel in Nepal as they had booked their trip with a non-registered trekking agency. A trekking company in Nepal needs a valid license from the government before providing their services to customer’s like Nepal Tourism Board, Trekkers Agency Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Nepal Rastra Bank, Office of the Company Register etc. In case, you book your trip with any fake Trekking companies, you may face problems like difficulty in obtaining a permit and other services. Therefore, we provide some safety alerts that you should be clear of before you book your trip with any travel and trekking company.

  1. The company legally registered?
  2. Valid license from the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal?
  3. Permission from Mountaineering Association of Nepal?
  4. An obligation to a government? Has the company obtained tax clearance certificate?
  5. Has it obtained a proper license from the central bank to conduct transactions in foreign companies?
  6. Does the company fulfill its social responsibility?
  7. Is the company environment-friendly?

First of all, to clear your queries about us on this subject, you can view our registration documents, license, and permissions on our website. We are dedicated to performing our dependability with true and fair nature towards government and our clients.