Nepal is Naturally rich country,Himalayan kingdom with several Mountains which is very famous for trekking also expedition. good Opportunities and has well deserved reputation for being one of The best hiking destinations in the world! exotic wildlife artistic Monuments and varied diverse culture, language and religions!Popularly known as the land of gods and goddess because Nepal is Holy land it is birth place of Buddha also kingdom of Hindu Religions in world! we have lots of Hindu Temple and Buddhist Monastery mixing these two greatest religions!Nepal boasts of Giving the massage of peace and harmony to all the people in the World!million people of country more then 100 ethnicities People use to speaking over 70 won language!it is very rich culture With respect to traditions,Nepal is a land of wide culture and Natural heritage which has such a huge treasure of culture,tradition And people with great hospitality!much of the panoramic Himalayan range lies withing Nepal and as many as 8 of the world Highest mountain can be look here! the biggest mountain range of Nepal in the world which is world tallest M:T: EVEREST lies in Nepal!it is moreover the greatest attraction of Nepal!the Nepalese People are known all over the world for their bravery and kind Hospitality!

1 Aria : 147181 sp km
2 Capital : Kathmandu
3 Populations : million
4 People : more then 100 ethnic group and 70 spoken language
5 Language : Nepali national language
6 Currency : Nepalese rupees

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