Tiji Festival Trek 2017

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Tiji Festival Trek 2017 is related in Tibetan Buddhism and local culture of upper mustang. the religious and cultural tour in Upper Mustang situated in far western region of Nepal, Mustang region is listed as the restricted area of Nepal which requires special permit through any government registered organization. The Tiji festival is a three-day mainly.“The chasing of the Demons” and it is centered on the Tiji myth. During the festival tells the story of a deity named Dorje who must battle against his demon father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from destruction. The demon father wreaks havoc on Mustang by creating a water shortage which, in this extremely arid land, is the most precious life-sustaining resource. Dorje eventually defeats the demon and banishes him from the land. Tiji festival is a celebration and reaffirmation of this myth. Throughout the Tiji festival the events and story of the myth are re-enacted. The Tiji festival is timed to coincide with the end of the dry season and ushers in the wetter monsoon season. Tiji festival comes from the words “ten che” meaning “the hope of Buddhist religion prevailing in all worlds” and is a spring renewal festival that also celebrates the triumph of good over evil. In 1964 Michel Peissel was the first westerner to observe the Tiji festival. Upper Mustang Trek offers an unforgettable life time event, experience with unique and amazing culture and tradition of pristine Tibetan culture. Distinctive local culture and traditional of this region is very unique as well. Around the upper mustang valley One of the most important and religious festival is a Tiji


Trip Facts
Trek Name: Tiji Festival Trek  May 2017
Trek Duration: 15 Days
Best Season: March, April, May,June, July, August, September October are the best seasons.
Trek Grade: Moderate and Strenuous
Accommodation: Tea House or Camping
Maximum altitude: 4320m
Mode of Travel: Drive/Flight: Pokhara/ Flight Jomsom

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