The largely dry and arid Mustang has annual precipitation of a mere 250-400 mm of rain as it falls beneath the rain shadow of the massive Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri mastiffs. The primary residents of the region include the Thakalis, Tibetan and the Gurung inhabitants who primarily live near the Kali Gandaki River. Jomsom is the administrative center and the main tourist entry point as it boasts an airport. The geography of Mustang is varied too. The Kali Gandaki River is the main hydrographic feature of this region with the Lo Kingdom being its main attraction. The major festivals of Mustang are usually of the Tibetan Buddhists which includes the world famous Tiji Festival. The festival carried out at the premises of the Kingdom of Lo, is a three day ceremony carried out particularly to chase demons. Every year, thousands of tourists trek into Mustang to witness the spectacle of the festival and leave with their heart content for the cultural diversity that is showcased by the region. This trekking trail has been made a special package called the Mustang Tiji Festival Trek which is hugely popular amongst trekkers around the world. The Upper Mustang Trek chronicles the passage into the Kingdom of Lo with its walls and cultural diversity, waiting to be experienced by thrill seekers from around the world. The Lower Mustang trek is an equally popular trekking package designed to take trekkers into the border of one of the most remote kingdoms of Nepal. Without trekking into an extreme altitude, this trail provides the chances to breathe in the biodiversity, varied climate and diverse ethnicity of the parts of the Lower Mustang Region.

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